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Complete Denture


    With sound knowledge and experiences, Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht carries out every dental procedure with ease. You can visit his Kashipur Dentist for dental implants and complete dentures. Being the best dentist Kashipur he follows proper safety guidelines to restore your look.

Cosmetic Filling

  • Cosmetic Filling

    Choose for Cosmetic Filling and Laser Filling of tooth cavity in Dehradun by visiting Kashipur Dentist. The clinic of Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht is equipped with all modern dental instruments to carry out dental fillings. Through laser technology, they carry out dental fillings which are deemed more convenient and aesthetic when compared with standard amalgam or composite fillings. The best advantage of such filling is that they do not discolor or shrink over time and restore the lost beauty of the teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

  • Crowns and Bridges

    Add an extra support to your tooth and enhance its appearance. Crowns & bridges add aesthetic value to the look and are now been recommended by dentists to those affected by damaged or missing teeth.The benefits of crown & bridge are they restore tooth function and appearance. A dental crown or cap is placed over a weakened or damaged tooth to restore its natural appearance and prevent further damage.

Dental Implant

  • Dental Implant

    No need to suffer more from damaged, worn, or missing teeth. Just consult Kashipur Dentist to get relief from such oral problems. Today we provide high-quality solutions to restore a missing tooth. We specialize in dental implants which is one of the most innovative procedures and techniques for tooth replacement.

Dental X Ray

  • Dental X Ray

    The digital images the system provides are of the highest quality and can help us diagnose problem areas more easily. We recommend taking new x-rays once or twice each year for the best results.

Jaw Fracture Treatment

  • Jaw Fracture Treatment

    Get treatment against broken or fractured jaw that causes problems other than pain and swelling, such as facial deformity. With sound knowledge and experiences, Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht can effectively treat a dislocated jaw. Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht first diagnoses a broken jaw or dislocation doing a physical exam. Then after he takes relevant X-rays to treat simple dislocation with ease.

Minor Oral Surgeries

  • Minor Oral Surgery

    For all those suffering from defects and injuries involving teeth, jaws, gums, lips or mouth can opt for a minor oral surgical procedure. Today Kashipur Dentist in Kashipur performs a number of minor oral surgery to improve your oral health. Through the surgery, they bring relief from chronic pain around the neck and jaw area, TMJ, speech problems, and a number of other health issues

orthodontic treatment

  • Orthodontic Fixed Treatment

    Removable Orthodontic treatment is preferred options for all those looking to gently realign teeth and jaws. At Kashipur Dentist in Kashipur, you can find inexpensive, easy on your budget orthodontic treatments. Easy to remove for eating and oral hygiene, the braces are generally used to correct the teeth in the upper jaw. For inquiry contact us - 7351004568

Removable Partial Denture


    When it comes to opting for removable Partial Denture no other clinic in Kashipur is better than Kashipur Dentist. Here Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht applies removable partial denture that consists of replacement teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base. The replacement teeth for functional or aesthetic reasons can be removed and reinserted when required without professional help.

Root Canal Treatment

  • Root Canal Treatment (Rotary)

    Kashipur Dentist provides best root canal treatment in Kashipur. Root canal treatment can be painless if caught early. Like most problems, the longer you wait the worse it can be to treat. Book an Appointment with us if you feel any pain with chewing, or to hot and cold foods.


  • Scaling

    Get relief from dental pain and plaque bacteria by visiting Kashipur Dentist in Kashipur. Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht carries out dental scaling to remove excessive plaque buildup from the gumline. Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht carries out the procedure either through manual hand instruments or ultrasonic instruments or both. This clinic follows effective hygiene standards to avoid any kind of post-treatment infection or allergy.

Silver Filling

  • Silver Filling

    Visit Kashipur Dentist in Kashipur to fill cavities. Here Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht uses silver amalgam as a filling material as they are strong, durable and time-tested. Relatively inexpensive it remains a valued treatment option for patients affected with cavities.

Tooth Jewellery

  • Tooth Jewellery

    Add sparkle to your smile by choosing aesthetic tooth jewelry services to enhance your look. Dr. Sankalp Singh Bisht uses aesthetic procedures to bond Jewelry to your teeth. Being the expert in dental treatments he without any drilling procedures can fix crystals, diamonds, and 24-carat gold to the teeth. Carried out in a safe and professional manners it is not at all harmful for teeth and lasts up to 6 months. Just visit the clinic to make your smile shine like a star.

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